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 template model includes 6 image gallery pages. You can copy any gallery page to add more galleries, expandability is unlimited. All Allwebco templates use plain text menus and a Flash header logo that you can update with any plain text editor. No special software is required to setup any template. Globally change the font sizes and colors by editing a single CSS style file. You do not need to update each page individually. Switch to a graphic logo header by renaming one file. Add a new link button on the menu by editing a single text file. With plain text menus and basic HTML designs you can add as many pages as you require to any template.

Every AllWebCo template includes
step by step instructions and unlimited support and access to our searchable support area. You can also easily exchange the Flash logo above with your own graphic logo by renaming one file. All AllWebCo templates come with helpful setup options so you can setup and customize your website for any business quickly and easily without having to learn any new software. View this page with the included graphic logo option.

The animated Flash slideshow on the left is setup to display 10 "linked" .jpg images. This means Flash software is not required to replace these images. This animation selects a slide to display randomly so your pages will be more dynamic. The number of slides, names of the slides, speed of the slides, the slide fading, size of the slides, looping, and sequential or random modes can all be set in an editable
"linked" xml file. All these edits can be done with any plain text editor.

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